Streets of Rage 3

Streets of Rage 3

Nine lives:
Enter the options screen and highlight the "Number of Players" selection. Press Up + A + B + C on controller two and Right on controller one. Up to nine lives may now be selected.

Level select:
Hold B, then press Up and highlight the options selection on the main menu. Press Start while continuing to hold B. A sound will confirm correct code entry. A Stage Select item will appear on the options screen.

Two players as same character:
Hold Down + C on controller two while selecting two-player mode.

Fight as Ash:
In the Japanese version, defeat Ash then hold A. After losing all lives, choose to continue. You can now select Ash as a character.

Fight as Roo:
Hold Up + B, then press Start at the title screen. Roo may now be chosen on the character selection screen. Note: Roo can not use any weapons.

Use the following steps to unlock Roo without a code. When you fight Roo and his master, only defeat his master. Roo will run away. After all your lives have been lost and you select your player on top of the screen Roo will be available.

Fight as Shiva:
Defeat Shiva during normal game play, then hold B + Start until the next level starts. Continue game play until losing all current lives. Display the various characters on the continue screen to select Shiva. Note: Shiva can not use any weapons. His twirling spin kick is activated by pressing A.

Hold Left + C then press Start at the title screen. The sound of Shiva's special move will confirm correct code entry. Enter a one or two player game. There will be a new character to choose at the selection screen; Shiva, in his green costume from the City Hall stage. When you select Shiva, all of his moves that he uses when on Stage 7 at the City Hall press conference will appear on the screen. You will be shown which buttons to press to perform his moves, including on how to block, walk backwards, the move that Shiva uses to get out of a hold, and also the move where he vaults off the ground, somersaults into the air, and comes down with his palm attack. You will now be able to make your character run diagonally, including Shiva. Shiva will still make the same voice sounds that he makes when you perform his attacks. Also, you will no longer have to make Shiva land on his feet when he is thrown; he will land on his own. In battle mode, player one and player two will be able to choose Shiva, any of the enemies that appear on that particular stage, and any of the bosses in the game. After player one and player two select their characters and after a stage is selected, the screen will indicate the "Head to Head" or "vs. CPU" options. If you choose "Head to Head", both players will fight each other. If you choose "vs. CPU", both players will still have to fight with one another, but there will be enemies coming in to help both players until one of them is defeated.

Fight as Super Axel:
Press C to select a player, then quickly hold A and sweep the D-pad in clockwise Full-Circle in a smooth movement until Axel appears. Then, press A.

Advancing Special Move: Press A while moving forward
(Some weapons for certain characters change the normal special).
Special Move: Press A.
Ultimate Move: Forward, Forward + B.
(Some weapons for certain characters change the normal special)
Retaliate attack: Hold B and press C. Hits enemies in back of you.
Combo Attack: Press B(4).
Run: Press Forward(2).
Jump attack: Press C, B.
Running Advancing Attack: Press Forward, then press F + C, B.
Vault over head: Press C.
Back Attack: Press B (back side of enemy).
Throw: Press Back + B.
(Axel), Skate and Zack's Attacks: (B), B, B.
Blaze Trip: Press B.
Axel and Blaze knees: Press Forward + B, B.

Easy power rush attack:
Use a six-button controller and perform one of the following actions for the corresponding power rush attack level without collecting the appropriate number of stars.