Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage

Cheat mode:
Highlight the "Options" selection on the main menu, hold Right + A + B + C on controller two, and press Start on controller one. This will allow level selection and game play with seven lives.

Extra continues:
Press Left(2), B(3), C(3), Start at the title screen.

Easiest and Manic modes:
Hold A + B on controller two while pressing Start on controller one at the title screen.

Bonus lives:
Press Start at the end of a level before the point total is calculated for an additional life.

Up to nine lives can be accumulated Wait until the count is done at the end of each level before proceeding. You will sometimes get more lives. Start game play in sinple player mode, with any player. Keep the controller two near. Get as far as you can in single player mode. When you are down to your last life with no continues remaining, press Start on controller two. This allows you to start with the new player with three new continues. You will have the same number of enemies and Bosses, but all the items will be doubled.

Extra points:
Defeat the level 3 Boss and use the special weapon before he lands on the ground to receive a 5,000 point bonus.

Secret options:
Press Start on controller two at the title screen. Use controller two to highlight the "Options" selection, hold A + B on controller two and press Start on controller one. The "Easiest" and "Mania" difficulty levels may no wbe selected.

Single Boss in two player mode:
Begin game play in one player mode, then press Start on controller two when player one appears. Only one Boss will appear during the game, which will switch to two player mode.

Two player versus mode:
Begin game play in two player mode and reach the last Boss. The Boss will ask if you want to join him. Have player one answer "No" and player two answer "Yes".