Two punch knockdown:
Hold Start and press Up(4) at the copyright screen. The sound of a crash and a red flash on the screen will confirm correct code entry. An opponent may now be defeated after two punches.

Three punch knockdown:
Hold A + B + C + Start and sweep the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle at the copyright screen. The screen should flash red to confirm correct code entry.

Same character match:
Select a character using controller one. Hold Start and press Up + A + C on that character's selection screen.

Second wrestler assistance:
Press A + B + C on controller two during a one-on-one match in one fall, brawl, or tournament modes. A wrestler will appear and help your opponent.

Control partner:
Start a one player game and select a tag team match, bedlam or survivor series. Begin game play and press A + B + C to control your partner.

Create a brawl:
Begin a one-on-one match in any mode except for tournament. Knock the referee out several times until he leaves the ring.

Edit wrestler:
Enter one of the following controller actions at the view statistics screen. Note: Kwang is not a playable character.

Kwang Press Down + A + C.
Bret Hart Press Down/Left + Start.
Yokozuna Press Up + A + C.
Luna Vachon Press Up/Right + C.
Undertaker Press Right + Start + A.
Razor Ramon Press Left + A + C.
Lex Luger Press Down/Right + Start.
Doink Press Left + Start + A + C.
Shawn Michaels Press Down/Left + A + C.
Diesel Press Down + Start + A + C.

Full attributes:
Enable the "Edit wrestler" code for the character of your choice. Hold Startat the prompt to change attributes. A sound will confirm correct code entry. All attributes may now be set to 10.

Wrestle as Warlord:
Successfully complete the game in one on one mode. Then, press Up(2), Down(2), A(2), C, A(2), B(2) at the credits. Select Diesel, then play the game in one on one mode again. Wrestle Shawn Michaels and defeat him with a Power Bomb move. The next match will be as the Warlord.